Field Services

Specially Equipped Asset Field Audit
Field Services
Utilities or municipalities may find themselves not knowing exactly how many of a particular asset they have whether it is fire hydrants or utility poles or just about anything else that they have at a particular point in time.

Our experienced field collectors perform full asset audits to help our clients attain and maintain an accurate inventory of their critical infrastructure. 

Worse, they may not have the people or skills within the organization to fill this data void. With the current focus on infrastructure investment, utilities and municipalities are under pressure to improve and expand their infrastructure and asset systems with up-to-date asset information.

With reliable and supportive asset data, an organization can properly prioritize investments for optimal community value.

USC specializes in the delivery of data collection services. Our specially-equipped Asset Field Audit crews inspect, count and precisely locate every asset in a particular class for you. These data are uploaded to a database inventory including spatial data (GPS), attribute information, digital imagery and other client specified data. We’re equipped with state-of-the art technology to conduct these audits efficiently and accurately.

Distribution Engineering Design Services
  • Overhead pole line refurbishments and relocations
  • Underground cabling extensions and relocations, including replacement of PILC and AILC
  • Large customer service requests (OTC)
  • Sub-division design
  • Station feeder egress
  • Network vault upgrades (civil, transformation and cabling)
  • Network re-arrangements
  • Cable Chamber rebuilds and new construction (cast-in-place and precast)
  • Civil duct banks, including downtown Toronto
  • Low voltage customer connections
  • Low voltage services requiring primary extensions and transformers
  • Street lighting
When existing data sets fall short of company needs, the best choice may be to collect reliable data from the field.
Utility Solutions partners with asset owners who require quality infrastructure design services
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