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Asset Condition Assessment
Asset Condition Assessment

Having a pole collapse in a violent storm is one thing; letting one decay is an entirely different matter quite apart from the serious – and possibly, devastating – legal-settlement issues.

The enlightened municipal and utility operator knows that the efficient operation of the entire system right down to the scheduled replacement of critical assets is what customers expect. And, while your customers might forgive weather-based dangers, they will be less charitable about negligence on the utility or municipality’s part. 

By being proactive and knowing the condition of your assets, you can schedule and co-ordinate all replacement and maintenance-related tasks for maximum efficiency. More efficient deployment of resources can significantly reduce and limit your liability.

Utility Solutions performs a wide range or condition assessments, including:

Our Asset Condition Assessment reports give you much more than data – they offer you and your organization true peace-of-mind.

Utility Solutions partners with asset owners who require quality infrastructure design services
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