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Utility Solutions Corporation provides engineering design, site inspections, and data management services to utility and government organizations.

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Utility Solutions helps support the expansion and maintenance programs for utility asset owners through our full suite of distribution design and field services (overhead and underground).
Infrastructure design, inspection, data for utilities & governments

Founded in 1998, Utility Solutions Corporation provides a full range of technical and field inspection services to utility and government organizations. 

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Number of engineering design projects completed in Ontario


Electrical service layouts issued to customers in the city of Toronto

1 K

Utility Solutions Corporation audited the City of Hamilton's street lighting, inspecting 40,000 poles in a record-breaking three months.

We partner with asset owners to help them achieve important infrastructure expansions and upgrades.
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Design Services

Our team designs electric systems, specializing in overhead and underground electrical distribution systems. 

Field Services

Our field team conducts site visits to issue service layouts and perform asset condition assessment. 

Data Management
Utility Solutions offers expert infrastructure record management, ensuring accurate asset data.
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