Retro-reflectivity Inspections

Maintaining traffic sign retro-reflectivity is an essential roads maintenance task as night-time related traffic accidents resulting in fatalities occur approximately three times as often as daytime fatal accidents…


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To improve the safe operation of motorized vehicles during non-daylight hours, Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has outlined basic standards for maintaining traffic signs in municipal and regional jurisdictions.

As found in the Ontario Traffic Manual – Ontario Regulation 239/02, municipalities in the Province of Ontario are now required to check traffic regulatory and warning signs for retro-reflectivity once each year.

Utility Solutions has decades of relevant experience in the areas of data collection and inspection. Retro-reflectivity conditions are captured by retro-reflectometers and/or night-time inspection. Similarly, traffic sign inventories can be gathered by using mobile or foot patrol techniques. All data captured by Utility Solutions is strictly quality controlled, geo-referenced and delivered in a client-defined database format.

Retro-reflectivity Inspections