As-Built Preparation

Lacking accurate and accessible as-built data can limit an organization’s ability to operate its facilities efficiently, leading to dangerous conditions and potentially serious accidents. . .


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USC collects and records as-built data during key construction phases. Multiple technologies are used, including GPS, field data recorders and digital cameras.

As Built Preparation

Collection Items

Infrastructure Categories
  • Buried Utility Networks
  • Service Laterals
  • Junctions
  • Overhead Facilities
As-Built Data
  • Location
  • Placement Measurements
  • Type (e.g. Water, Gas, etc.)
  • Attributes (e.g. Length, Size, etc.)
  • Material
  • Dates
As- Built Formats
  • Marked Up As-Built Drawings
  • Material List
  • GPS Co-ordinates
  • Database Records
  • Hi-Res Digital Photographs