About USC

Over the last 15 years, USC has managed scores of assignments for utility, municipal and private companies.

Today, over 75% of our business comes from current and previous clients who rely on USC for its expertise, experience, efficient project management and strong results orientation.

These are the benefits of working with Utility Solutions that our clients are accustomed to…

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1. We Know the Business

All management and client service personnel at USC have direct experience working with utility companies. In fact, many of our senior employees were long-term employees with utility companies. You benefit from their understanding of the business and its people.

2. A Broad Perspective

Through our work with utilities, municipalities and private firms, we may have solved your most vexing problem several times over, which is time and cost-efficient for all concerned. As important, we understand the challenge that asset owners face in their need to upgrade and repalce aging infratsructure assets.

3. Ready to Work

As experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we get started right away. You immediately save on training costs, and with fully-staffed and equipped offices, we do not interrupt your day-to-day activities.

4. Flexible

At USC, your projects can be scaled up or scaled down as circumstances require. As a client, you do not need to worry about taking on additional staff to meet base or peak demands. Utility Solutions will do that for you.

5. Support

Let your key managers focus on the most important strategic tasks for your business. We complement their activities by handling tasks that support their long-range business objectives and decision-making needs.

6. Proven Performance

As we have demonstrated over and over again, the main reason for our growth — primarily through referrals — comes from our commitment to provide quality services, on time and on budget.